The cricketer had gone home to meet the actress, suddenly the husband came, his hands and legs started trembling, he ran away from the house in a panic and then…

noor jahan

Mumbai. Pakistani actress and singer Noor Jahan has been in headlines for her personal life. Noor Jahan’s name has been famous for extramarital affairs after getting married twice and getting divorced both times. Even after marriage, Noor Jahan’s affair continued with cricketer Nazar Mohammad. The story of their affair is also quite famous. After earning a name in acting and singing, Noor Jahan also became the first female director of Pakistan.

Noor Jahan’s affair was with cricketer Nazar Mohammad even after marriage. This was revealed when Nazar Mohammad was in Noor Jahan’s house one day in his room. Suddenly Noor Jahan’s husband entered the house. When Mohammad came to know about this, he jumped straight down from the room out of fear. Due to this, both the legs of Nazar Mohammad were broken. After this, Nazar’s entire career came to an end. This story is still narrated with glee in Pakistan and India.

Things got worse with the help of wrestler
According to media reports, Noor Jahan had married 9 years younger actor Ejaz Durrani. After this both were living happily. After marriage, Noor Jahan became friends with cricketer Nazar Mohammad. The closeness between the two increased and they started meeting each other.

Both were sitting together in a room on the second floor of the house. Meanwhile, Noorjahan’s husband Ejaz Durrani reached there. Fearing the disclosure of their relationship, Nazar Mohammad jumped down from the window of the room on the second floor. Due to this, there was a deep injury in his hand and there was a fracture. To hide this, the wrestler was quietly called but the matter got worse. Eventually, Nazar Mohammad’s hand got completely damaged and with this his cricket career also ended.

Who was Noorjahan?
Born in India, Noorjahan started earning her name in the world of singing from the age of just 6 years. Noorjahan’s parents also worked in theatre. Born in a Muslim family of Punjab, Noorjahan started singing folk songs since childhood. When everyone started going crazy with Noorjahan’s melodious voice, her father started sending her to Ustad Ghulam Mohammad for training. It was from here that Noorjahan started sharpening her vocals. After this Noorjehan started working in films. Worked in films like Hindi film Badi Maa, Gaon Ki Gori, Zeenat, which came in the year 1945.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 01, 2023, 19:46 IST

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