TIA Crowds with people leaving the country for employment

TIA Crowds with people

The (TIA) Tribhuvan International Airport is crowded with people leaving the country for employment. 

TIA Crowds with people

This photo is of the TIA’s international terminal on Tuesday morning.

Dozens of young people are queuing up to enter the airport to fly abroad. The crowd does not seem to have the physical distance to avoid corona infection.

Most of them are going to the Gulf countries. The youths have complained that they have been forced to leave the country and their families as there is no guarantee of employment in the country.

According to the airport staff, such a crowd of people going for foreign employment seems to be a daily occurrence. 

Certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus has been made mandatory for those going abroad. 

Earlier, the crowd of people receiving vaccination certificates from Teku Hospital was also overcrowded.

Foreign employment was affected by the corona infection. The process of going for foreign employment had resumed from July last year. 

But due to the second wave, international flights were stopped and Nepalis could not go abroad again. 

Currently, the number of people going abroad has increased after they were allowed to come for employment with the evidence of vaccination against corona.