US & Britain warns citizens of an attack on Kabul airport

Kabul Airport

The United States and Britain have warned of an attack on Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Both countries have issued security warnings as thousands of civilians wait inside and outside the airport to exit Kabul.

Those who have reached the airport have also been asked to return from there. The US State Department has issued an alert for those waiting at the airport’s east and north gates to “leave Afghanistan immediately.”

Earlier, the UK issued a similar alert asking people to go to safety and wait for more information.

According to the British Foreign Office, the security situation in Afghanistan is volatile and there is a risk of a terrorist attack.
President Ashraf Ghani has fled Afghanistan after Taliban insurgents seized the country.

Feeling insecure from the Taliban, foreigners, and Afghans want to leave safely. Since the Taliban have closed all border crossings, the only way out is by air.

The United States and Britain have issued a security warning 24 hours after US President Joe Biden said Islamic State militants could attack Afghanistan.

Countries including the USA, UK, India are rescuing their citizens from Afghanistan. Nepal has also continued to rescue Nepalis with the help of allies. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, 42 Nepalis are still awaiting rescue.

The U.S. military, which currently controls the interior of the airport, has been rescuing civilians as well as Afghans. According to the BBC, 82,000 people have been rescued from Kabul in the past 10 days. In the last 24 hours, about 19,000 people have been rescued from Afghanistan by US flights. Thousands of people are still waiting for rescue at Kabul airport.

The United States plans to rescue all those who want to leave Kabul by August 31. The Taliban have given them until August 31 to return.

The Taliban have deployed a separate security force, the Fateh Force, to protect Kabul, saying anti-Taliban groups could invade Afghanistan.