When Bollywood did not know Prabhas, Mahesh Babu was identified with Chinu’s husband, Rana Daggubati narrated the story

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Rana Daggubati will next be seen playing the role of Rana Naidu in Netflix, an adaptation of Ray Donovan. In this, he will be seen in the role of Rana Naidu. The upcoming web series of the actor is being touted as a ‘Pan-India’ web show. In this, the actor will be seen with his uncle Venkatesh Daggubati for the first time. These days, while promoting his upcoming project, Rana is giving some interviews, through which some things related to him are also coming to the fore.

When Bollywood didn’t know who Prabhas was
Rana Daggubati recently told in an interview that there was a time when Bollywood did not know who Prabhas was. During a conversation with Indian Express, Rana Daggubati shared an incident that how his friend in Mumbai did not know Prabhas. In a jovial conversation, the actor revealed that he was from the film industry and no one knew him. At the same time, he also knew Mahesh Babu but not as a hero but in the context of Namrata’s husband. Rana told that ‘I stayed away from projects for many years due to Bahubali. In between, he met a friend and told about Bahubali. Then he asked who is in the lead role? Then I mentioned Prabhas and got the answer, who Prabhas? Then I did not know how to explain to him, so I told him the names of some films but had not seen any of those films.

Mahesh Babu was identified with Namrata Shirodkar’s husband
Later Rana Daggubati revealed that ‘My friend knew Mahesh Babu only because of his wife Namrata Shirodkar aka Chinu. He told that the only Telugu actor I know is Chinu’s husband. I was wondering what he meant and then I realized that Chinu was Namrata Shirodkar, I was surprised that he knew Mahesh Babu in the same sense. I told him just wait for four-five years and one of our army will come here. The actor laughed a lot while mentioning this incident.

Anjaan South stars have now become blockbusters
A few days back after this incident, Rana Daggubati again met the same friend and told him about his upcoming show. He told his friend how all of them from the South have finally entered the industry and are doing a full-fledged show. Rana said, ‘It is a matter of happiness that how we are accepting each other’s cinema and watching so much content.’ Please tell that Rana has done many films which have emerged as a blockbuster at the box office. One of the biggest hits was Baahubali and its second part. Be it South Zone or Bollywood, Rana’s acting abilities have made a mark in the acting industry and earned him worldwide fame.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 04, 2023, 14:25 IST

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