When Sambha wept after seeing his role in ‘Sholay’, tears were not stopping, Ramesh Sippy’s 1 thing changed his mind

Mac Mohan

New Delhi: The names of film actors become very famous. Every child knows his name, but people know actor Mac Mohan less by his real name, more by the film name ‘Sambha’, while he has a few seconds of scenes in ‘Sholay’. Call it the magic of acting, direction or writing or anything else, but Mac Mohan has become immortal by playing scenes of a few moments, although Mac Mohan was very disappointed about his role before the release of the film.

When Sambha aka Mac Mohan saw it for the first time after the film was made, he could not hold back his tears. Mentioning this in ‘Tabassum Talkies’, the actor had said, ‘I shot a lot for Sholay. Went to Bangalore many times, shooting took place for many days. I was considering myself as one of the heroes of the film, but when the picture was completed, I saw its release print and started crying after watching it. I had to find myself in the film.

Mac Mohan was very surprised that he shot for so many days and he was given a small role. I went to Ramesh Sippy and said – Rameshji, what was the need to keep this, you would have cut it too. They started smiling and said that look, I cut as much as I could, now I cannot cut more than this. Let me tell you one thing. If this picture works, then children will call you by the name of Sambha.

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Ramesh Sippy’s words proved to be true. After the release of Sholay, people began to know him less by his real name, more by the name Sambha. He has some scenes with Gabbar, in which one scene is quite famous. Gabbar (Amjad Khan) asks Sambha in that scene- ‘Hey O Sambha, what a reward the government has given us.’ On this Sambha says- ‘The whole 50 thousand…’ Reading this dialogue must have put a smile on your face too.

Mac Mohan jokingly said that Sambha Roll had taken away his real identity, people used to know and call him by the name Sambha. The actor played many similar roles in films, that is, he was type cast. When the actor was questioned about this, he said that it is okay to be type cast to an extent, because it keeps the actor working. Please tell that the actor passed away in 2010 due to a tumor in the lungs.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 03, 2023, 07:30 IST

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