Zarina Wahab was rejected because of her dark complexion, Raj Kapoor said – ‘She will not become a heroine’, then she got cheated twice by her husband

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New Delhi- Actress Zarina Wahab, who made a mark in Bollywood with films like ‘Chitchor’ and ‘Gopikrishna’, is going to return to the screen once again. This actress is making a comeback after a long time from the web series ‘Taj Divided By Blood’, which is going to be streamed from March 3. Zarina Wahab may have made a good mark in Hindi and Malayalam films, but the journey of this actress in this industry has been full of struggles. Zarina Wahab has faced a lot of difficulties in both her professional and personal life.

At the time when Zarina Wahab stepped into Bollywood, it was very important to have a fair complexion to become a heroine. But Zarina was dark due to which it was not easy for her to debut in films. This actress had to face rejection many times because of her complexion. It is said that once this actress went to Raj Kapoor in search of work and Raj Kapoor rejected her on seeing her. Also, he had told Zarina that she would never be able to become an actress.

Despite having the ability, this actress was very disappointed after not getting work just because of her colour. Then seeing Zarina’s qualities, film director Hrishikesh Mukherjee wanted to take her in his film ‘Guddi’. But even here things did not work out and later Jaya Bachchan was cast in this film.

Debut film was flop-
This actress got a break from Dev Anand’s film Ishq Ishq Ishq in 1974, but the film flopped. After that, this actress earned a lot of name by working in films like ‘Gharaunda’, ‘Anpadh’, ‘Sawan Ko Aane Do’, ‘Tumhare Liye’.

Got married in 20 days
During this, Zarina met Aditya Pancholi on the set of the film ‘Kalank Ka Teeka’. During the shooting of this film, both came close to each other and within 20 days, Zarina Wahab married Aditya Pancholi, 5 years younger than her.

Aditya Pancholi had many affairs-
This actress had to face a lot in her personal life after professional life. Zarina Wahab’s husband Aditya Pancholi has had an extra-marital affair not once but many times. Aditya was often in the limelight due to his affairs.

Live-in with Kangana for 3 years
Although the name of this actor has been associated with many actresses many times, but the relationship between Aditya Pancholi and Kangana Ranaut (Aditya Pancholi- Kangana Ranaut Affair) made a lot of headlines. The couple was in a live-in relationship for almost 3 years, after which Kangana accused Aditya of domestic violence. While Aditya had said that he wanted to marry Kangana but the actress cheated him.

There was also a relationship with Pooja Bedi-
Before Kangana, Aditya Pancholi was in a relationship with actress Pooja Bedi (Aditya Pancholi- Pooja Bedi Affair) for years. Despite being married, Aditya Pancholi was mostly seen with girlfriend Pooja Bedi in public events. But then the paths of both of them also got separated.

Even after cheating Aditya Pancholi several times, Zarina Wahab did not divorce him for the sake of her children and even today this actress is taking care of her family.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 03, 2023, 13:49 IST

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